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This Wolf painting uses a gritty, dark blue green background laid with a pallet knife as the base for an impressionist painting of a Wolf. The song of the Wolf can stir up some intense emotions inside of us. An almost overwhelming burst of joy grows inside of me as I let their music wash over me. But their songs are growing quieter; we are silencing their joyous contribution to the earth as we encroach on their natural habitat and cull their numbers. We must learn to live together and stop dominating the planet; we all belong here.


This Wolf print is available on stretched canvas and will arrive to you ready to hang. This is a reproduction of an acrylic painting done by Danny. Also available in paper prints. 


8 x 8 inches (approx. 20 x 20 cm)


Wolf Canvas Print

  • Images reproduced on stretched canvas will be printed with OEM archival water-based inks on a poly-cotton canvas stretched over a pine frame and finished with a glossy coating that will seal and protect your artwork.


    Canvas prints do not require framing.