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Peekaboo Pit Bull

Original Painting (Acrylic on stretched canvas)

This Pit Bull takes a quick and shy little peek at you. He can’t help but cock his head to the side playfully, expectantly, hopeful for an ear scratch or a doggy treat. Just below the frame, his pit tongue lolls and he gives his most charming smile making you break out into a grin of your own. This darling pit bull print is a reproduction of an original painting that captures the spirit of love, innocence, and hope that can be found in shelter pets across this nation. The real-life model for this pittie print is still awaiting his forever home and was often found peeking out from just under the kennel bars in eager anticipation for just a little bit of love. Share your love for this breed by proudly displaying this blue pit bull wall art in your home or vet office today. And remember that every pit deserves a forever home.


Originals require hanging hardware.



9 x 12 inches (approx. 23 x 30 cm)

Pit Bull Painting - Original Painting

  • Canvas prints are bubble wrapped and sealed in a snug box for safe shipping, I have taken every precaution to ensure your package arrives undamaged.

  • This is a one of a kind Acrylic painting by Danny, on stretched canvas, over a pine frame, with a gloss finish.