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Original Painting (Acrylic on stretched canvas)
This painting uses dark blue hues to create a night time city art landscape. Overwhelmed by smog and smoke, the focus of the painting is the striking yellow eyes of an owl peering out from pink and red wisps of feathers and smog. The Owl is burdened by the city, almost as if the weight of the city is on his shoulders. 
As we encroach more and more on wildlife we are putting a huge strain on their existence by cutting down their hunting grounds, increasing the threat of incest and creating a dangerous closeness with wild animals that normally ends badly.. for them.

Originals require hanging hardware.



10 x 20 inches (approx. 25 x 51 cm)

Owl Painting - Original Painting

  • Canvas prints are bubble wrapped and sealed in a snug box for safe shipping, I have taken every precaution to ensure your package arrives undamaged.