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Our relationship with horses dates back centuries. They are noble, loyal and intelligent creatures. This painting captures the majesty of the horse in bright vibrant colors. It uses bright sweeping reds and yellows to create a striking background to contrast the blue and white Stallion in the foreground; painted in shades of blue to white and encompassed by a long flowing majestic mane.


This Horse print is available on stretched canvas and will arrive to you ready to hang. This is a reproduction of an acrylic painting done by Danny. Also available in paper prints. 



12 x 16 inches (approx. 30 x 41 cm) **up to 4 weeks processing - not in shop inventory**

16 x 20 inches (approx. 41 x 51 cm) **up to 4 weeks processing - not in shop inventory**


Horse Canvas Print

  • Images reproduced on stretched canvas will be printed with OEM archival water-based inks on a poly-cotton canvas stretched over a pine frame and finished with a glossy coating that will seal and protect your artwork.


    Canvas prints do not require framing.