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This art print is of two cows embracing. Using a rich turquoise blue as a background, contrasted by the deep umber of the cow's coat. These two cows touch heads in a show of affection. Cows are very sensitive and loving creatures. They form very close bonds within their herds and with their children. Life for a dairy cow, or a cow in the Animal Agriculture industry, is short, cruel and inhumane.. there is little time for affection and so every sweet moment must be cherished.


This Cows art print is available on textured watercolor and will arrive to you ready to be framed and hung. This is a reproduction of an acrylic painting done by Danny. Also aviailable on stretched canvas.


**All sizes, up to 4 weeks processing- not in shop inventory**



8x10 inches  (approx. 20cm x 25cm)
12x18 inches (approx. 30cm x 46cm)
18x24 inches (approx. 46cm x 61cm)


**Frame not included in purchase and is for product display purposes only**



Cows Art Print - Paper Print

Paper print
  • This is a textured fine art archival paper, that allows exceptional contrast and color saturation, for a matte medium. It is more resistant to water spills than most other fine art prints. The image is printed with a half inch white border to allow for better framing.


    Paper prints are best displayed framed behind glass as they are not naturally protected.


    **Frame not included in purchase and is for product display purposes only**